Types of NFL Betting Strategies

Betting on any sport in general can be quite demanding and rather risky for any enthusiastic amateur or professional bettor. When it comes to betting on the NFL, one of the most popular sporting leagues and finales in the world of sport, things get even more complex.

Anyone who has attempted to enter these waters has certainly experienced the effects first-hand. That is why bettors and experts are actively trying to come up with ways to improve their chances and increase profits while maintaining the fun of it.

Before we get into more detail regarding these ways of boosting your NFL betting performance, you need to make up your mind about one key aspect – why do you bet?

On the one hand, we normally have the casual bettor who enjoys the fun experience of betting on their favourite teams and enduring the anticipation throughout the live game. Their main purpose revolves around testing their skills and knowledge just to see how good their predictions can get. These bettors are bound to be less interested in employing any complex NFL betting strategies, although it definitely won’t hurt their bankroll to get a few more wins out of the season. On the other hand, there is the type of bettor who also wants make some money out of their pastime. They would definitely be interested in all the types of betting strategies, considering that they regularly try to come up with new, more efficient ways to turn a profit.

Before we go any further in the field of NFL betting strategies, those interested in the matter need to be fully aware of several points. Proper use of such plans and patterns is crucial to reaching success, which can be achieved with some prior knowledge and experience in the field. Make sure you are fully aware of the game rules and specifics, the types of bets available and your personal success rate before employing strategies.

Regular NFL Betting Strategy

The term ‘regular’ strategy does not suggest that the other type would be slightly irregular – it is actually just a bit more specific and dedicated to particular aspects of the game rather than the overall action. In regards to the regular type of NFL strategy, you should know that there is no one single thing you can do to make everything better. That is why you should go through all the points listed bellow and slowly acquire them as part of your everyday NFL betting routine. The effects of such a strategy tend to last in the long run.

Manage Your Bankroll

First and foremost, no sports bettor is going to reach long-term success without proper money management, regardless of their skill and expertise.

Before every betting session, make sure you have a separate bankroll fund that is independent of your everyday income and can be put to the risk.

Use Modern-day Benefits

Since you are privileged enough to have been born in the age of technological advances, it is only fair that you take full advantage of them. Modern-day benefits may not seem too ‘modern’ to you, but the former generation of NFL bettors is sure to disagree with this opinion.

Online sportsbooks offering different lines and odds, as well as calculators, odds convertors and probability assessment software are definitely an advantage that was unattainable before the rise of the Internet. We don’t suggest relying fully on it, but we do recommend making use of such digital assistance.

Remember that Games Do Matter

This may seem like it is understood and self-explanatory, but with so many NFL bettors making the same mistake, we feel obliged to draw your attention to this consideration.

For one, you need to distinguish between games, since not every single match of the pre-season is worth a bet. Be selective and pick those games that offer fair value and could have a highly predictable final result.

Additionally, a good consideration about the games is to watch some of them in order to get a feel of how the teams function. Stats and numbers aren’t enough most of the time.

Overcome the Math in NFL Betting

Don’t be frightened by the word ‘math – there is only so much you would need to calculate on your own in today’s NFL sports betting. All you need to be aware of is probability and expected value, as two extremely important terms in NFL betting.

Probability mainly refers to your personal assessment in relation to the sportsbooks’ lines and odds of how likely is one team to beat another one. Expected value, on the other hand, stands for the value a bet is supposed to have – more specifically, whether it is worth the time and money to place a bet on a particular outcome.

Once you have tackled these two terms, you should be fairly ready to start making successful wagers and eventually enter the sphere of expert betting.

Analyze The NFL & Yourself

There is nothing like a good analysis of all features of a particular team to convince you that they will be the sure winner of tonight’s game. It is actually a fairly useful tool that you can use on practically everything, including yourself. Your sports betting activities should also be subject to regular scrutiny. It is important to keep an accurate record of all your bets, wager amounts and final outcomes in order to note your strengths and weaknesses and improve upon this knowledge.

Wager-Specific NFL Betting Strategy

As mentioned previously, apart from the regular NFL strategy that can apply to practically any bettor interested in it, there are other, more specific moves that also meet the purpose. One of these strategies is related to the types of bets you normally place on NFL games. You need to be familiar with all the different types in order to understand how to improve your chances when making each of these bets.

  • Point Spreads – This type of bet asks bettors to determine by how many points will one team win or lose the game based on whether they are considered favourites or underdogs, respectively. A good strategy for this bet is to put aside plain stats and practice handicapping – take everything into consideration for top results.
  • Totals – Also known as Over/Under, these bets provide a total for a particular game – the sum of points scored by both teams, and ask bettors to guess whether the actual outcome will be over or under the given total. In these cases, it is best to use your knowledge, determine the most likely range of scores and ultimately shop for the best lines.
  • Moneylines – The third bet that is most often placed on NFL games is the moneyline. This bet classifies the teams as favourite and underdog only to express in the moneyline how much would you need to bet on the favourite in order to win $100, or how much you would win if you placed a $100 bet on the underdogs. Since there is less risk involved here than in our primary bet type, it is only logical that all you need to do is find which sportsbook has the best odds for your game and bet on it.

Football has several more different types of bets, such as props, parlays and teasers. Using your experience on the more basic bets, you should be able to deduce a number of strategic moves that can improve your chances. There will always be a stone left unturned, but it is worth trying to make the best with what you have got.

NFL Offseason Strategy

NFL Offseason WorkoutThe offseason is the time when all the major changes occur, both inside the team and on its periphery. This has prompted football experts to try and develop a strategy that can put these alterations to the use of bettors.

During the NFL off-season, try to note every roster change, even if you think that it does not make a significant difference in the overall team performance. Many players need to get accustomed to the team ‘vibe’ before they are able to function optimally.

Remember not to get carried away with the big names and leave the other players behind – each player makes their own contribution and should be correspondingly accounted for in your seasonal analysis. Coach changes also affect the teams, so make sure you take notice of any such alterations as well. Keep records of their movement between teams, their favourite tactics and anything else you deem important. Other considerations that could bring more precision to your off-season strategy are stats, schedules, weather conditions, player injuries and even the fact whether the teams are playing home or away games.


Finally, one can conclude that the NFL provides a never-ending list of factors that can be accounted for the games’ outcome. The best you can do is to start off small and work your way to more complex strategies. Just as long as you are not losing any rent or food money and you are having fun, you can bet that your NFL betting strategy is working just fine.