NFL Teams with Most Super Bowl Wins

Vince Lombardi TrophyFootball in the USA has undergone a lengthy period of changes and adjustments up until the National Football League was established. Firstly, it was an attempt to unify all the teams under a single association, but it quickly spread into an entire organization with one of the most exciting endings in the sports all over the world.

Nowadays, the NFL consists of 32 regular teams representing various cities from states all over the USA, but fans of the sport are much more international. The official matches start before the actual season, somewhere around the middle of the year. These games are known as exhibition pre-season games, often serving the players and coaches to test their tactics in practice and improve until the actual on-record matches.

The real season starts near the end of the year and consists of 256 games, while the playoffs comprise of only 11 games played between 12 teams that managed to qualify. The final, ultimate match at the end of the entire championship is the Super Bowl.

Even though the fate of a whole team cannot be decided upon a single game’s outcome, there is still great weight in the importance of the Super Bowl. Teams practice all year round and accumulate all the experience they can in order to pull out the wildest stunts and impressive twists all with the purpose to hoist the Vince Lombardi trophy. The name of the trophy originates from the coach of the first team to ever win the Super Bowl, the Green Bay Packers, as you will see further down on our list.

It may not be completely fair to judge the teams solely by their victories, as there is just as much achievement in reaching the playoffs and the Super Bowl, or excelling during the regular NFL season. Still, statistics are the leading ranking power in the world, and according to the best calculators, the following teams have managed to achieve the most wins during the total of 50 Super Bowls that have been held so far. Numbers are likely to change, but the top teams splitting first, second and third place cannot shift too drastically, as it would take at least 4 outstanding seasons for a total underdog to match the teams positioned third in our ranking.

Pittsburgh Steelers

(6 trophies)

Pittsburgh Steelers: 2009 Super Bowl WinA constant rivalry among the Steelers and the Cowboys did not fail to ignite fiery battles on the football field, especially in situations such as now when they are toe to toe with a single Super Bowl win to set them apart.

Back in the 1970s, the Pittsburgh Steelers gained massive advantage by combining their greatest playmakers – Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris and Lynn Swann. Such potential in one team was bound to explode one way or another, and in this case, it basically projected the Steelers straight to the winning pedestals of four Super Bowls during their reign.

After the prolific seasons in the 70s, the Steelers seemed unable to catch their breath enough to win any following Super Bowls for two whole decades. Nevertheless, their victory over the Seahawks back in 2006 marked the beginning of a new winning streak. It was later complemented by a win over the Cardinals in the 2009 season, which ultimately put the Pittsburgh Steelers in primary position on the ladder of teams with the most Super Bowl victories.

Dallas Cowboys

(5 trophies)

Dallas Cowboys: 1996 Super Bowl WinFollowing the Steelers’ lead, their first runners-up are the Dallas Cowboys, a team who boasts a total of 5 Super Bowl victories. Not surprisingly at all, their major contenders, the Steelers, have also been their most frequent opponents for the Lombardi trophy, along with New England.

The Cowboys have always been near the record high number of Super Bowl wins, but their success is generally divided into two seasons. First off, they appeared in five championship matches in the 70s and won two of them, making it an average decade.

The second season which marked the Cowboys’ success is around the 90s – they managed to reach the Super Bowl three times and win just as many. There is still hope for this team to match the first-ranked Steelers, even though they seem to have hit a dry spell since the 1995-96 Super Bowl and have not been able to return to the big finale ever since.

New England Patriots

(5 trophies)

New England Patriots: 2017 Super Bowl WinTom Brady and Bill Belichick make up the ultimate duo in the NFL, achieving results that seem to surpass each other. Their career in the Patriots has allowed them to set new records for multiple aspects of the game, eternalizing their name and the whole team in NFL history books.

The latest win and their fifth trophy came in 2017 against the Atlanta Falcons. It ended 34-28 during overtime, but the result is not as impressive as the comeback they managed to pull out during the last quarter, when the score was simply 3-28. New England Patriots’ first victory came much sooner, during the XXXVIth game in 2002, when they defeated the Rams, and they quickly affirmed their potential with their subsequent wins in 2004 and 2005.

After suffering a major blow to their affirmed position by the Giants, the Patriots managed to return to the top. In 2014, they displayed extraordinary capabilities in one of the most memorable games in the Super Bowl, when they managed to beat the Seahawks with 28-24 as the final score. Considering the fact that Tom Brady is still far from putting an end to his career, you should not be surprised to see a few rearrangements to the rankings once this season comes to an end.

San Francisco 49ers

(5 trophies)

San Francisco 49ers: 1995 Super Bowl WinThe final team on our list to share the second position with 5 Super Bowl trophies throughout their career is the San Francisco 49ers. Their peak times came a couple of decades ago, when Joe Montana ruled the field, along with Jerry Rice.

A combination of physical strength and football IQ was all it took the 49ers to achieve five victories in the 1980s and the 1990s. The first title for this team came in the early beginnings of the NFL, back in 1881-82, marking the beginning of some of the best seasons the league has ever seen.

Still, once they beat the Chargers in 1995, the decade of San Francisco 49ers’ reign came to an end. They have made attempts to return to the top in the following years, but to no great avail as can be seen from their match against the Steelers in 2013. A victory for either of those teams would now have meant an equal share of the first position, although there is no saying how each season would turn out for sure.

Green Bay Packers

(4 trophies)

Green Bay Packers: 2011 Super Bowl WinThose of you who recognize the name of this team for something other than being the official team of Wisconsin are bound to be amazed by its low ranking. The Packers were in fact the first winners ever of the Super Bowl championship, as well as the second, winning by a huge margin in both cases.

Considering the fact that they were the team to reach and win the first Super Bowl, the trophy awarded each year carries the name of the coach who helped them get that far, Mr. Vince Lombardi.

After these two wins, the Green Bay Packers significantly subsided in terms of performance and were only ‘resurrected’ in 1996-97. They owe their third Super Bowl victory almost entirely to the quarterback at the time, Brett Favre. More than a decade later, the Packers managed to win their fourth Lombardi trophy, when they defeated one of the top favorites for the title across multiple seasons, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

New York Giants

(4 trophies)

New York Giants: 2012 Super Bowl WinSplitting third place with the Packers, the New York Giants are the other NFL team that has managed to win the Super Bowl 4 times. Each of their victories is specific in their own way, although you could say that there is a story behind every Super Bowl ever played.

You should know that the Giants were not able to get their first title by the second half of the 80s, and quickly added one more win to their resume in 1991. After these few benevolent years, came a dry spell in the Giants’ career and lasted for 17 years.

The New York Giants made a major comeback with two Super Bowl championships against the public’s favorites – the Patriots. First in 2008, and later on in 2012, an underdog victory of the Giants completely reset everyone’s expectations and brought some of the greatest gameplay to the field for every NFL fan to enjoy.

As you can see, there are many ups and downs in the NFL, and you never know in whose hands the trophy might land this time. Examples of such games spread hope for teams that still haven’t won a single championship and encourage them to strive for the ultimate prize, as oddsmakers clearly can’t take all factors into consideration.