NFL Betting Tips

NFL Betting TipsThe United States are a definite symbol of diversity and novelty, which is the case with sports just like with any other sphere. Still, there are a few exceptions that are the closest to their hearts, while other types of sporting activities seem to fall behind. One of the definite favorites in the US, and worldwide is football.

The concept of American football has reached mass proportions and even has its entire National Football League, the NFL.

Once technology advanced in spheres such as TV broadcasts and communication, the League caused interest in people all over the world, soon afterwards creating a widespread phenomenon.

It wasn’t long before fans and experts appeared, all eager to predict the next outcome of the league, which is how NFL betting came to the fore.

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Today, bets made on the NFL during the peak months of the season are reaching record high numbers. In the US, legal regulative restrict this activity to certain states, and the legal billion-dollar NFL betting industry is greatly surpassed by illegal bets made to offshore sportsbook sites.

These extravagant amounts of money should not beguile anyone who feels they are not up for the challenge. After all, betting on the NFL basically requires you to risk your hard-earned money. Even if you can afford to lose your wager amount, there is still some responsibility, which is why you need to be fully equipped for such an endeavor.

NFL Betting Tips

Simple tactics is always the best kind, but some people tend to disregard them because they seem too straightforward to be true. If you are betting or planning to bet on the NFL, be sure to pay attention to detail and consider every piece of information. Starting off, we advise you to make the most use of the following general tips and arm yourself with betting strategies before the upcoming season.

Bankroll Management

If you have tried to find the most basic information about NFL betting, you must have come across the topic of bankroll management. However, do not disregard it just yet – it must be of great importance if it is mentioned everywhere. For proper bankroll management, you should know that a bankroll is in fact the money you have set aside for your betting exploits. Following, you will need to choose a staking plan – a plan that determines the wager amount you would normally place for each individual bet. With this in order, you should be fully prepared to start practicing successful bankroll management and increase your financial stability.

Patience is Key

NFL betting requires as much patience as any other activity, especially since skills and experience are not developed and accumulated over night.

Such core capabilities will teach you how to measure out your wagers and seek value over passing thrill. The difference is more than evident when you will be able to compare the few lucky hits to a winning streak in the long run.

Reliable Sportsbooks

The institutions where you confide your money have to be stable and reliable, and the same applies to both banks and sportsbooks. When it comes to the latter, it is important to point out that NFL bettors can enjoy placing bets in both land-based and online platforms.

With new establishments being created on a daily basis, it is imperative that you are cautious when selecting legal and trustworthy providers, especially due to USA’s history of legal restrictions.

Yet, Shop For Lines

Although it might seem a bit contradictory to the last tip, it is important to keep your eyes open for anything better that might come your way.

Set up accounts at several reputable providers and shop for the best odds and betting lines offered for the game you want to bet on. This way, you get the most value out of the market.

Keep a ‘Betting Diary’

You may find it funny at first, but there is a lot you will need to learn if you want to get into NFL betting – the teams, the players, their strengths and weaknesses, as well as a ton of statistics. Due to this, it is advisable to keep a record of anything you can, but pay the most attention to your own bets.

There are valuable lessons in the mistakes you have made, which is why you should make it your routine to keep tabs of the bet, the wager amount, as well as the outcome. Any additional information will only provide you with further context when going over your records and help you determine which bets suit you and which are damaging for your bankroll.

Keep Yourself Informed

Read the news, the stats or any additional info about matchups related to the NFL teams and players in any way. Gossip columns can also prove to be valuable, especially if they feature a true event in the lives of those in the NFL – personal situations often affect the game’s outcome.

Any extra info you can get is your edge over the sportsbooks, so make sure you do everything you can. For example, some bettors even go to private sources or pay to sign up with certain services such as handicappers.

Value & Quality Over Quantity

Value is an important concept in the sphere of sports betting, and even more when it comes to the NFL in particular. Next to probability, they are two crucial guidelines when creating your bets. Ideally, the bet would be highly probable (with favorable odds) and would offer a great payout (value for the amount of money wagered).

The matter of quality over quantity is related to the concept of value, and it shows bettors that it is better to place three valuable bets instead of thirty low-likelihood wagers.

Never Stop Learning

In the era of constant progress, you should be prepared to learn about new additions to the NFL betting practice. Even after you have acquired enough experience to last you a lifetime, there will be something new that has just appeared on the market.

Learn about things as you go along, and you should not have any problem when betting on the NFL.

Tips for Specific NFL Bets

Assuming you are quite willing to bet on the NFL and have already learned about the various forms of bets you are able to place, there are a few points you can focus on in order to improve your chances. Simple bets don’t have a lot of aspects to account for, but the following alternative NFL wagers can be slightly turned to your advantage if you play them out properly.

  • Moneyline – This is one of the three simplest types of bets, alongside with point spreads and totals. While the former ask you to guess the exact margin of scores by which a team will win, and the latter ask for the exact number of points scored by both teams, moneyline bets only ask you to guess the winning team. Due to lower risk, this bet offers lower payouts as well, but if you follow our tips and shop for the best lines, you should be able to recognize value and end up turning a profit.
  • Parlays – Also known as multiples, this is practically a combination of several bets which depend on one another. This type of bet requires you to hit several outcomes for a single payout, which is why sportsbooks offer appealing odds and lines for such bets. Just follow your bankroll management pattern and do not invest too much in parlays – enough experience is bound to help you hit a few games and win that betting slip.
  • Pleasers – Setting the odds in the bookmakers’ favor makes these bets less appealing to the general portion of bettors. However, due to such circumstances, pleasers often offer high payouts to match the risk. Our recommendation is to employ your knowledge when looking for favorable pleasers and make it work to your advantage.
  • Teasers – The opposite of pleasers, teasers allow bettors to set the odds to their own favor. While this will allow them to get a much higher average win rate, the payouts will be much smaller than regular due to the manual shift in odds. Recognizing value is crucial for teasers, but you should also be careful not to bet big amounts just because of the odds.
  • Futures – The idea of long-term waiting on the horizon may not appeal to every NFL bettor, but there are still some who are willing to counter the odds and bet according to their opinion. With a slightly bigger time span between wagering the bet and seeing the outcome, futures qualify as risky bets, but they still attract bettors with the payouts they offer.

Learning all there is about NFL betting may take you more than reading a few pages, especially now that the industry has introduced major innovations to the public. The best tip for every bettor is to use their experience and build upon it with knowledge. This should allow them to maintain a solid bankroll, or even hit a major life-changing win.