NFL Betting Tools

NFL Betting ToolsIn the sphere of sports betting, there is always more than meets the eye. This does not mean that there is any underhanded activity, since the practice of sports betting has reached a completely legalized status in several US states and worldwide.

With television coverage and Internet connections, the National Football League launched and established itself among the most popular sports, drawing bettors’ attention instantly.

Betting on the NFL, however, is not as easy as turning on the TV and watching a few games before you make a bet. There are many factors that need to be properly accounted for in order to ensure a winning outcome.

Statistically speaking, an NFL bettor would need to have a 60% or above winning rate in order to consider themselves successful. The line is normally drawn at 52% with a standard betting line of -110, but the average is calculated to be somewhere around 63%.

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Reaching this threshold can take hours of effort and dedication to NFL analysis, which may still turn out pointless. Therefore, it is better to work smart than hard and follow in the footsteps of the top handicapping experts in the league. Nearly every NFL bettor nowadays makes use of their own set of tools to improve their chances and ultimately increase payouts to the point where they are regarded as regular income.

Check out the following list of the most frequently used NFL betting tools and learn how to use them to your advantage. As you will find out, some may already be in your arsenal, while others could open new horizons in the field of NFL betting. Make use of every benefit of today’s digital society to enjoy your favorite pastime and profit from it.

Betting Trends & Systems

Betting Trends & SystemsMany NFL bettors consider this to be a general tip for sports betting, but it deserves to be emphasized in regards to NFL betting tools. Keeping track of the betting trends that have marked the NFL season up to a certain point can prove to be significant insight into the public’s opinion about the season ending. If people are predominantly playing player props and targeting a few select individuals, it is only rational that these are considered the majority’s favourites for the Super Bowl and MVP titles.

Apart from this, betting systems are another useful tool in NFL betting, even though some might claim that the topic has been sufficiently exhausted by now. Regardless of bettors’ various opinions on the matter, it is helpful to have an established system of calculating wager amounts and managing your bankroll. After all, if you notice a discrepancy between your maximum wagering capabilities and these calculations, you can always take a break and bet as much as you can afford. Common sense is just as good an NFL betting tool as any of those listed here, as you will see soon enough.

NFL Previews

NFL PreviewsPreviews of the upcoming season have proven to be a valuable source of information. They contain news, updates and team statistics, as well as more personalized information about individual players. NFL bettors used to access such information solely through magazines, but the advent of technology brought previews closer to everyone’s reach. Nowadays, there are numerous online portals that offer this type of information free of charge, even though the hard copy options were relatively cost-effective.

Paying attention to NFL previews before the season start prompts bettors to make a habit out of it. This helps them keep track of everyday occurrences that could somehow influence the games’ final results. Regardless of whether you are new to the NFL betting community or an established veteran, the NFL previews are a good tool to keep at your side.

Preseason NFL games

The NFL’s preseason is often disregarded by bettors, as they tend to feel like they would be wasting their time. Games played throughout this period that is not officially on-the-record are seen as a preview of each team before the official NFL fever kicks in.

During those matches, bettors are able to accumulate information on the teams’ general development, their ability to adapt to any structural or managing changes which have been made and maybe even pick a few favorite runners-up for the ultimate game – the Super Bowl.

The Official NFL Website

NFL WebsiteUS territory is generally considered to be quite restrictive when it comes to sports betting as they claim that it can have a harmful effect on the sport itself. In this line of thought, the National Football League strongly promotes such legal restrictions, even though there have not been any substantial evidence to support these claims. Still, the NFL is an important source of information for those they are trying to restrict – NFL bettors.

The free access to NFL’s official website is one of the most powerful betting tools, as it provides you with all kinds of reliable information. Although other sites offer the same range of articles, videos and stats, there is nothing like getting the news first-hand. The site even has a separate statistics segment which are available at all times.

Insider Information

ESPN NFL InsidersAs you may well have noticed, the majority of NFL betting tools revolve around information you can acquire. This can get you even more accurate power ranking calculations, but you may need to give some in order to get something back. Namely, numerous websites allow you to subscribe to their insider’ news sections and get regular updates that are not available to the public.

Plus, there is no need to worry about the subscription fees – they are fairly low in comparison to the payouts you could amass once you have analyzed them to the slightest detail.

Software Tools

Software ToolsAs complex and high-tech as it may sound, you will be surprised to see how easy it is to handle any one of these tools in the NFL betting shed. Software tools are basically online programs found on nearly any reliable platform that deals with sports betting practices.

This type of tools usually comes in the form of converters or calculators, depending on their use. Some may be as simple as converting the odds format from American into decimals or vice versa, while others could calculate the exact amount you would need to wager on a particular bet in order to get the desired payout.

Picks from NFL Handicappers

NFL HandicappingNFL handicapping is as close as you will ever be able to get to accurate science when it comes to betting on any season’s games. Handicappers are sports bettors, just like yourself, who have managed to note the top factors which influence team performance and final results and use them to their advantage.

When choosing a handicapper for your purposes, you need to make sure they meet certain criteria, just to ensure that you will be getting what you paid for – winning picks for that week’s games.

For one, bettors are advised to turn to NFL handicappers in particular in order to get expert consults. Any other sports betting expert is less likely to identify every variable included in the handicapping process. Another thing that can help speed up your selection process is the handicapper’s success rate. With the average set at about 60%-65% success rate, you should not have any trouble eliminating under-qualified candidates. Even after you have found your perfect NFL handicapper, remember to consider them as a tool that helps you reach the final goal instead of letting them do all the work for you.


All in all, there is a large variety of tools available on the market if you are interested in getting some help for your NFL betting career. The majority can be classified as information that needs to relate to the right aspect at the right moment when it would be of most use to your betting lines. Intelligence on various NFL aspects can be acquired from official sources such as the League’s website or individual insiders that function as a sort of middlemen. Some websites accompany such information with practical tools such as calculators and converters that facilitate the betting process even further, but only NFL handicappers are able to provide you with a completely finished product. These experts may be considered the sharpest instances in our collection, but they are only as useful as the person behind the tool.

Ultimately, it can be concluded that even with today’s array of possibilities available, NFL bettors need to put in some of their personal effort in order to get a long-term solution to their difficulties.