NFL Betting Trends

NFL Betting TrendsSports betting as an industry has developed greatly since its first beginnings, allowing bettors worldwide to develop strategies and place wagers on their favorite teams.

The introduction of the Internet further facilitated the process, so that nowadays, the average bettor is just a few clicks away from making their bet.

The increased popularity of the National Football League beyond US borders put even greater emphasis on such advancements. Online sportsbooks opened their platforms to sports fans from various parts of the world, accumulating billions of dollars in profit each season.

In an attempt to gain advantage over the oddsmakers at both online and land-based sportsbooks, bettors began searching for techniques that could help them determine the best bets each week. Primarily, they used to rely on dry hard statistics and make their bets based on the number of scored points per team and player, but these ultimately developed into all kinds of helpful tools. Consider the following guidelines before moving on to any kind of analysis or statistics promoted by sportsbooks and handicappers alike.

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Basic NFL Betting Guidelines

These considerations are obvious for more experienced bettors, but novices should be made aware of them at the start of their NFL betting activities. Go through the following points before learning about one of the most useful tools for handicapping NFL matches and gaining the much needed edge over the sportsbooks and the general public.

Practice Bankroll Management

NFL Bankroll ManagementBefore you even think about placing a bet on the next game in the playoffs, you need to determine how much money exactly are you able to risk on this hobby.

This should correlate with your income, your living expenses and any other budget plans you might have (choosing the best mortgage rate, for example). Even though the idea of betting is centered around the notion that you will guess the game’s outcome and profit from it, but it is still best to be prepared for any circumstance which might arise, such as losing a bet.

Find a Reputable Sportsbook

Mobile NFL SportsbookYour bankroll is only safe when used at the most reputable sportsbooks and online sports betting platforms.

There are countless stories of unpaid winnings, so in order to protect yourself from such fraudulent operators, make sure to investigate, read client reviews and get help from customer service if necessary.

Keep Records of Your Betting Activities

NFL Betting ReceiptsOnce you have followed through the previous two points and started making bets, it is advisable to keep records of your betting activities.

Those bettors who normally visit land-based sportsbooks could save the slips, although it is better to know the context of the result. Online sports bettors are advised to keep notes of their bet, the final outcome and any additional information like the reason why they won/lost the wager.

Understanding NFL Betting Trends

Once you have established yourself as an NFL bettor, it is normal to start looking for ways how to improve your performance. Many bettors lose confidence and tend to rely on handicappers and tipping services, while others turn to analysis of the major factors. Even though it is sometimes helpful to consult expert tips and similar services, the latter method has proven to be a more long-term solution. The betting trends for each particular game, team or even season are definitely one of the most valuable tools at bettors’ disposal currently.

Betting trends are basically the sum of all wagers placed in a certain sportsbook for a particular match. To get the most trustworthy results, it is recommendable to keep to your preferred and tested sportsbook. You could also find betting trends from several sportsbooks on sites dedicated to helping bettors rather than working with actual wagers.

This information about the betting trends on a particular sports betting platform shows us separate data for point spread, moneyline, totals and parlay bets. This data normally contains the number of bets made on the site for the particular match and opposing teams, as well as the percentage of bets made according to each type of bet. That way, you are able to note the general inclination of the public towards a particular bet and their favorite team.

While this may seem like useless information, such betting practices can move the lines and cause you to earn or lose more money, which is why it is crucial to be up to date with such information. At this point, it is also important to mention that this data may be accumulated from actual online and land-based sportsbooks (most often online) or through handicappers and contest sites. In the first case, bettors will be able to get accurate information based on the actual wagers placed by bettors. The best services constantly withdraw such information from individual sportsbooks and update their stats. The second option of getting relative numbers from predictions made on handicapping sites, forums and contest sites creates consensus betting data. This type of information is much less reliable and may not provide real-time lines or changes in the odds.

Example of NFL Betting Trends

Just to give you an idea of what betting trends look like on the sites where you can find them, we have attempted to exemplify the data it usually contains. Namely, when presenting the data from one respective sportsbook, you are normally given the name of the operator and the total number of bets placed for the particular game (the sum of bets for both opposing teams). After that, you should be presented with the percentages for each specific type of bet mentioned above. Bettors can see the percentage of all moneyline bets placed for each of the teams separately, and the same goes for the parlays, the point spreads and the totals.

Apart from such data, bettors are also able to see the percentage of bets placed for each team in every sportsbook separately. If the sportsbook has, let’s say, 80% of bets for the underdog and only 20% of bets placed for the favorite, this means that this respective operator offered extremely good odds for such a bet. This type of information may be even more valuable further on, in situations when looking for the best value for a bet on the underdog party.

Benefits of NFL Betting Trends

As you have already concluded, it takes a lot of skill, dedication and experience to be successful in NFL betting. This is mainly because there are many influential factors and aspects which need to be accounted for when you aim to place a successful wager. Using NFL betting trends to calculate some of the potential risks for a particular bet helps bettors predict factors and aspects such as betting line changes, the opinion of the majority, or even distinguish those sportbooks which offer top value.

Identify What Causes the Line to Move

When you get information about the number of bets and the types of bets made on a particular sportsbook, you also get information about their betting lines. Close analysis can allow you to understand why the lines for a particular team in the NFL shifted from -7 to -8, for example.

If you see that more than half the bettors placed wagers on that particular outcome, it should be fairly easy to conclude that there is a great probability for the match to end in that manner. All you have to do then is place your bet at your chosen sportsbook and wait for the cashout.

Identify What Causes Money Drops

These money drops are usually caused by changes in the betting lines which do not seem to correlate with the general betting trends.

This type of changes is also known as reverse line movements, and the purpose why bettors usually place such wagers is to make use of their value which can result in high payouts.

Find Good Sportsbooks

This type of statistic data can definitely be of help when distinguishing the best online sports betting site or sportsbook. All you have to do is keep track of their progress, their reports and the betting trends that dominate the site.

This should provide you with enough insight to determine whether the relevant platform would meet your NFL betting needs.

Get Regular Notifications

Very often, specific services which provide such data regarding betting trends at particular sportsbooks allow their clients to set up regular notifications.

Since the sites constantly update their data from the source betting platforms, you just need to keep track of changes in order to be in tune with the trends and benefit from such information when making your bets.