NFL Mobile Betting

NFL Mobile BettingThe National Football League is by far one of the most popular professional sports associations in the USA. It was established in the early decades of the previous century, only to reach massive popularity once people started viewing the sport as an element of American culture. Since then, it has consistently witnessed a rise in popularity and worldwide expansion.

Television broadcasts, as well as the Internet later on, made this sport available at every corner, and people got more and more interested in American football. This way, it managed to combine with another widespread phenomenon – gambling, and create numerous sports betting opportunities for eager NFL fans.

Due to this, nowadays every online sportsbook offers NFL betting through its platform. With so many to choose from, it is no surprise that they constantly had to come up with new additions in order to keep attracting new bettors. This is how online sportsbook bonuses and promotion offers were created, and it soon led to other inventions such as mobile betting. This allowed NFL fans to access their chosen online sports betting platform even when they are on the move and place a bet on their favorite team.

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The matter of mobile sports betting is still relatively new for some online sports bettors, which is why it is essential to learn all proper functions. There is no point in risking your hard earned cash if you haven’t had a proper introduction to all its features.

Below you will find a detailed guide to every aspect you need to get you started with your mobile sports betting experience – from the initial process of making an account to cashing out winnings, and even a list of the top options for mobile sports betting platforms available on the market.

How to Bet on the NFL via Mobile?

Most bettors who decide to try NFL mobile betting are already familiar with online sportsbooks. Still, there are a few steps which could make the transition much easier and introduce you to all important features to prevent any misconceptions further on.

Choose your Mobile App – In order to practice sports betting on your smartphone, you need to find a suitable app. Go through the sports betting platforms that you have been using so far and see whether they have a corresponding mobile version. This can be in the form of an inherent mobile app or a browser version that has been custom-made for mobile device use. If the sportsbook has a distinct mobile app, make sure to check whether your smartphone’s operative system supports the app. Most renowned sportsbooks nowadays tend to make a suitable version for all major mobile operative systems, such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

Set up an Account – Sign up on your chosen NFL mobile betting platform and set up your sports betting account. This applies to those bettors who do not hold an account with the relevant operator. If you have decided the use the mobile version of an online sportsbook where you already hold an existing account, you can simply log in on your mobile device using your current username and password.

Select a Banking Method – Banking options also need to be taken into consideration when starting your NFL mobile betting experience. Again, if you have already been betting on the NFL through the desktop version of your chosen operator, you probably already have a specific banking method for depositing and withdrawing funds. Still, you need to make sure whether you will be able to use your preferred options on your mobile device.

Banking OptionsTraditional banking options such as credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, as well as direct bank transfers and money transfers are less constraining. They normally require the bettor to input their account number and the amount they wish to transfer.

However, there are other methods which may end up causing more trouble than facilitating the process if you don’t know how to use them on your smartphone. PayPal is one example, as it has an inherent mobile app that you would need to download to your device in order to process transactions through it.

Plus, e-wallet services which recently appeared on the market (Neteller for example) also need their mobile inherent apps in order to function on mobile devices.

If you have chosen Bitcoin as your banking method, you will definitely need to get the mobile app of your Bitcoin wallet. As you can see, there are many case scenarios, and the only way to simplify the process is by being aware of all the possibilities.

Do a ‘Test Drive’ – The saying ‘Practice makes perfect’ has definitely been used more than enough times throughout the years. NFL mobile betting can also make use of it, since many sports bettors are not used to the smaller compact mobile screens. Once you have completed the set-up, make sure you do a test run in the play-money version of the app before risking your actual money on NFL mobile betting. This will allow you to get used to the interface and all its options, and in no time you should be able to place parlay bets on the NFL in the blink of an eye.

Top NFL Mobile Betting Apps

The massive expansion of the sport’s popularity brought about the creation of just as many online sportsbooks, and thus mobile apps. Choosing from the collection of available options can be time-consuming, especially when it comes to comparing those that offer the best lines for top value. The following list of top operators which have a separate mobile version of their sports betting platforms are a sure-proof way of entering the world of NFL mobile betting.

lv Mobile Sportsbook

Bovada Mobile AppThe United States are considered a homeland of the NFL, which is why it is only logical to start off with a mobile betting option suitable for the residents of this country. Bovada is a renowned operator which started offering its services to US sports bettors back in 2007. Its appearance is regarded as a reaction to the UIGEA, a legal law which limited online gambling activities on US soil. Regardless of this regulation, Bovada has proven itself to be a fair and reliable operator.

When it comes to mobile sports betting, specifically on the NFL, this is the top option for all US bettors. The mobile version does not require any download since it is a mobile browser version of the standard sprotsbook platform. It can be accessed through any mobile device using the previously mentioned operative systems, so there is no need to worry about its compatibility. An added advantage for NFL bettors using this app is the selection of bet types available, including parlays, teasers, futures and props, which provides enough variety for both amateur and professional bettors.

eu Mobile Sportsbook

Bodog Mobile AppThe name Bodog is directly related to Bovada, as it is often considered its founding operator. Bodog has a long-lasting reputation in the online gambling and sports betting industry, both in the US and worldwide. However, the changes caused by the UIGEA made Bodog turn to more stable markets – Canada. Nowadays, Canadian NFL bettors can place their bets from any tablet or smartphone of their choice by simply accessing the mobile-friendly browser version of Bovada.

Bovada operates under the same network as Bodog, so Canadian bettors should be able to enjoy all the benefits listed about the previous operator. An emphasis is usually placed on the generous bonus offer available for Canadian sports bettors at Bodog, as well as the possibility for live and play-by-play betting. This sprotsbook is definitely a top choice for Canadians looking to place their latest NFL bet and get the best service in the industry.

ag Mobile Sportsbook

BetOnline Mobile AppBetOnline is the third option for NFL bettors looking to get a flexible and fully functioning mobile interface with a variety of lines and bets to choose from. This operator also boosts its reputation with a long track record in the industry, which is why it found a spot on our list.

The NFL mobile betting options are top of the line, and bettors are only required to access BetOnline’s mobile-adapted browser version, log in and use all the benefits at their disposal.

Additional Considerations for NFL Mobile Betting

The sphere of mobile sports betting is largely developed, but there are still numerous aspects which need to be considered so that bettors can make use of everything at their disposal. Aside from mobile sportsbooks, NFL bettors could also make use of information portals they could access from their mobile screens. The official NFL site offers an inherent mobile app that can be downloaded freely on your mobile device. It allows bettors to keep track of events, injuries, game statistics and even potential weather factors that influence the final game results. That is why this official NFL mobile app is often recommended alongside any of the three operators listed above for an optimal NFL mobile betting success.