NFL Betting & the Preseason

The National Football League has quite a few events throughout its prime months each year. Starting off with the exhibition games of the preseason, then the teams move on to the main season where their ultimate goal is to enter the playoffs. The playoffs are the final stage in the overall competition, consisting of 11 games including the Super Bowl.

Profits abound each year, as soon as the first players step foot on the field, but one notably lucrative segment seems to stand out more every year.

Betting on the NFL has turned into common practice, although it was once recognized as a shady business or a tiresome affair of reaching the closest legal land-based sportsbook.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of online sports betting platforms, some offering sports events from all around the world, while others specialize in interest areas, such as the NFL.

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Throughout all the season segments, there is quite enough traffic to keep bettors interested in the lines for the games. While most people aim to hit a win on the major events such as the Super Bowl, there are those who can nearly withhold from betting the first day of the preseason. If you are one of those eager bettors, then you already know that betting on these games can get a little trickier. This is so because information is much scarcer and people are not as interested in the game outcomes, so both the sportsbooks and the media are less active on the matter.

Some expert bettors are even known to refrain from betting on the preseason completely, claiming that the games are quite unstable and may render surprising results. Still, there are enough options to satiate your need for an NFL bet, and even profit from it. All you need to do is bear in mind some major features of the preseason and understand their influence on the outcome. Once you learn how things work, you should be able to have all the fun you want.

Frequent Player Changes

NFL SubstitutionsThe preseason is not called exhibition for nothing – this is the time when everyone get to see what the players have to offer to the game. For this purpose, starters rarely play more than one quarter, especially during the first two weeks of the preseason. To account for this, second and third stringers, and even fourth are often sent into the field as an experiment on behalf of the coaches.

The preseason games allows coaches to see which combinations of players and tactics work best and determine whether adjustments need to be made before the official season arrives. So it is no wonder these games see players constantly going back and forth on the field from the sidelines and vice versa.

The reason why you should bear this point in mind when considering your preseason bets is that shifts in player combinations can affect the overall team performance. Each player has their own set of characteristic moves, talents and shortcomings, which is why it should not surprise you that two players occupying the single position of a quarterback would yield completely different results.

Game Intensity

NFL Game IntensityThis point is tightly connected and dependant on the primary one, but it needs to be emphasized so that bettors know what they are up against. The intensity of the games in the preseason is just as variable as the players, and this is how they connect. Namely, first-stringers are not likely to exhaust themselves during these games, so even when they are on the field, you should not expect to see their A-game.

Lower-line players are even more unpredictable. Some may be eager to prove themselves and give all they’ve got in any game of the preseason, while others normally show interest in no more than a few matches.

This is another difficulty for NFL bettors, as you never know just how motivated a player might be in any particular game. The best strategy to employ in such cases is to read any news on the teams of interest and distinguish motives for each individual player.

In most cases motivation lies in the fact that there are two or more players competing for a certain position such as receiver or quarterback in a higher tier or even among the starters. Look for such situations among the teams, you are sure to turn a profit out of that level of motivation.

Preseason Experimental Coaching

The coach staff of each team consists of several coaches, with the leadership position of the head coach, as well as several coordinators. All these people are in charge of choosing the best possible combination of players and game strategies for the main season and the playoffs. While it may seem easy, there is great weight on their shoulders – they are responsible for each player’s achievements and mistakes on the field.

For this purpose coaches generally use the preseason to test things out. They are likely to maneuver with players and their positions, or even new field moves if they think is necessary, and the preseason games provide the perfect opportunity to perform test runs in real life situations.

However, this is not always the case, as some teams which suffered low scores during the previous year come back to the preseason with a fresh new coach, often eager to prove themselves to the rest. You can recognize them easily, as they tend to get along with the eager competing players previously mentioned.

NFL bettors in general need to take the coach into consideration when deciding on their bets. This is only more eminent in the case of the preseason, where bettors need to use every edge they can get in such rather volatile situations.

Lack of Overtime

NFL OvertimeIn preseason games, teams can be of two types – those eager to prove themselves or those simply waiting for the two halves to pass. The former will most likely end up victorious in these exhibition games, especially when playing against a team from the latter category. Still, despite such clear cut distinctions, luck often knows how to get in the way and even the score when one of the teams is hardly even trying to win the game.

Normally, in the regular season, such games would continue in overtime, but when it comes to the preseason, you should be aware of the fact that there is no overtime. Lack of interest in spectators and players has created a situation where preseason games are resolved with a coin toss. Each result provides a single point to one of the teams that have evened out in order to put an end to the game.

The coin toss is yet another variable that you would need to incorporate into your calculations when placing bets. You can’t predict the possible outcome of the toss, but you still need to be aware of the potential for such an outcome.

Preseason NFL Betting Strategy

NFL Betting StrategyIf you are still keen on placing some bets on the preseason, then you should definitely employ some kind of a strategy to up your chances of success. One primary thing that you should do on a daily basis is research – doing your homework may seem tiresome, but knowing which positions certain players will be chasing and whether their coaches are going to test them at tonight’s match can make all the difference.

Once you have formed your bet and it is time to visit the sportsbook, our guidance would suggest that you bet lightly. The payout might not be too rewarding, but given the uncertainty of the preseason games, it is better to win small than lose big.

Some bettors have a specific bankroll management system developed in order to keep track of their spending. It might have smaller wager amounts than those set for regular bets, but it will still provide some level of control over preseason games.

The final tip of NFL betting strategies for the preseason comes from famous experts on the matter that could not help but place a bet on these games. This experience, coupled with their years of acquiring knowledge and testing its practical use, has allowed them to identify the best type of bet you could place on the preseason – the totals. While this format for an NFL bet is regularly known to have a higher likelihood of ending with a win, the preseason further notes this. Games in the preseason tend to have lower totals, namely because there are no overtimes or experience players with a better point per play percentage. Hence, playing the totals with the outcome under seems like a good option. Recent years have shown some changes in increasing totals, but the general tendency of hitting under or evening out is still the most frequent one.