Privacy Policy

By accessing and using the information provided on the website, you are additionally obligating yourself to adhere to its Privacy Policy, explained in detail below. This policy is interrelated to the Terms and Conditions section of the website; hence readers will be obligated to consult the provisions listed there, as well.

User Information Storage

  • Each user/reader should be aware that the website collects and stores some of its information upon every entry.
  • The first type of information is known as non-personal information. It generally consists of data regarding the browser used to access the site, the computer (or any other digital device) used, the domain used, the date and time of access along with some other data that are not directly related to the user.
  • The other type of information collected by the site is known as personal information. It may consist of any type of information that the user willingly provides the website in an attempt to make contact. It will not be used by the website for any other purpose except to reply.
  • The user information collected by the website will not be sold or disclosed to any unrelated third parties.

Cookies Policy

  • Without any exception, every user of the website should be aware of our cookies policy and state whether they agree or disagree with it. The services of the site may alter their availability once such a choice is made.
  • A cookie is a minute piece of data stored on each user’s device in order to improve their individual experience. You should be aware that it functions as a tracker of your reader activities and keeps data on the things you have viewed.
  • The purpose of using cookies is to improve and personalize each user experience by making suitable content more available for each reader, and allowing them easier navigation across the platform.
  • Removing our cookies after you have accepted them is also an option. All you need to do is review the cookie settings in your chosen web browser. Mind you, the accessibility limits mentioned above are likely to apply in such cases as well.

Third Party Affiliates

  • Affiliates are not entitled to access all user information stored on the site’s servers. The only exception is made in cases when the website has established a confidentiality agreement with the relevant entity.
  • Disclosure of information to these affiliates undergoes the legal regulative of the country of operations.
  • The site may contain links to any third party websites.
  • There is no relation between the content published on these websites and

Corporate Amendment or Migration

  • The website may alter any point of this Privacy Policy at all times without a legal obligation of notifying its users.
  • In the case of corporate migration, the information owned by the website will no longer abide to this Privacy Policy. It will undergo transaction, just like the rest of the managerial segments. From then on, it will abide the Terms and Conditions set by the new establishment.