Pros & Cons of Tipping Services

Whether or not you agree that sports betting is a great hobby, this pastime helps keep people entertained and provides fun to every sports fan worldwide.

However, this is not the case in reality, as most sports bettors would confirm. The practice of betting on any kind of sport requires previous preparation, in-depth knowledge on the game rules, regulations, legal restrictions on sports betting and all the different kinds of betting moves you can make.

If you consider the fact that you would also need to choose a sportsbook from the vast market of potential establishments, things only get more complex and demanding.

In today’s modern era of Internet connection and world wide availability, sportsbooks have become largely accessible through online platforms. This, in turn, encouraged even more sport enthusiasts to test their chances against the sportsbooks’ odds and see how well they can employ their knowledge. Due to such trends, sports betting has witnessed a rise in popularity, and with this, a need for novice sports bettors to get the proper education. Some of them decided to invest in their knowledge on the matter, while an even greater portion have turned to tipping services and ready-made picks.

If you are in a similar position and still cannot make up your mind about the road that would fit you better, read on and learn about the main features of tipping services. The section on advantages and disadvantages of using tipping services should be even more helpful for your decision-making process.

What Are Tipping Services?

Nowadays, the modern, hectic lifestyle often leaves people without any free time, and sports fans are just as affected as any other. This is where professional tipping services take over, with their expert handicappers and insider information.

From an official point of view, you could define tipping services as a consultation establishment which provides professional advice on a given topic. In this case, sports bettors who do not have the time or confidence to select their bets individually pay such companies to do it for them. However, it is advisable to conduct a thorough investigation of the company’s success rate, previous customer satisfaction and legal background before giving them your hard-earned cash. In the end, if the company turns out to be a failure, you would practically have paid them to provide you with losing bets which will take an added toll on your sports betting bankroll.

Study closely the advantages and disadvantages of using these types of services before committing to one in order to make the most use of your benefits without experiencing financial damage.

Pros of Tipping Services

There is no doubt about the claim that tipping services provide multiple advantages to their clients. If this were not true, there would not have been that many separate services available on the market. Moreover, with the online revolution, tipping services were able to function in a more cost-effective manner while the extra funds could be used on improving the service quality and reliability.

Variety of Tipping Services

While this may not be perceived as a direct advantage for sports bettors, it has been universally accepted that ‘the more, the merrier’ is always true. In the case of tipping services, a wider range of options to choose from definitely works to the bettors’ advantage, as they can choose one whose features fit their preference.

Hence, you can choose from a pool of tipping services with varying success rates, number of experts, market background, customer reviews and even affiliates with major professional sport officials.

Variety of Sports

It may seem like it is all about the variety, but in the case of sports it really does count for something. In the past, tipping services primarily covered major sporting leagues like the NFL or the NBA and worldwide popular sports like football, soccer and baseball. Nowadays, there are much more options to choose from in order to provide bettors with the opportunity to get tipping services regarding the top-ranking sports worldwide or less popular ones, such as cricket, badminton, pool or anything else you can think of.


These tipping services are even seen as a sort of convenience that is solely available to those ready to pay for it. Anyway, the use of such aid in your sports betting exploits will definitely save you a lot of time that would otherwise have been invested into studying statistics and determining the best picks. The combination of time-efficiency and reduced effort definitely portray these tipping services as a contemporary convenience.

Educational Experience

Hiring a tipping service to make all the picks for your bets may seem a bit dull and unproductive, especially since you simply get a finished product. However, some tipping experts maintain their reputation of a trustworthy handicapper by providing an explanation for their tips. After they have made your bets for next week’s NFL playoffs, they tend to explain in detail how they came to such conclusions. Even thought you are not the one doing the analyses, the fact that you are in direct contact with information regarding decisive factors in the betting process is bound to have a positive education effect in due time.

Payout Potential

The last, but definitely not the least important advantage available to sports bettors using tipping services is the payout potential that lays within each bet slip. Since bettors are paying for these services, they do expect some sort of a guarantee of success. While this could never be 100% certain, there is a much higher payout potential in picks made by sports experts than those made by amateur bettors.

Cons of Tipping Services

Everything has its upsides and downsides, and tipping services are no exception to this rule. Just like there are multiple advantages provided to sports bettors, the same clients of these establishments need to accept certain shortcomings. View the most common cons of using a tipping service before you decide whether or not you would like to employ one.

Poor Service

Since the major expansion of online tipping services, there have been some issues regarding their reliability and quality. While some provide arguments and tangible proof for their operations, there are just as many that are willing to go to any lengths to swindle you out of your hard-earned cash. The unstable situation on the market for tipping services is definitely one of the major disadvantages.

No Guarantee of Success

In relation to the first one, the second disadvantage is yet another lack of solid proof that your money will pay off. While many services regularly update their success rates, there is virtually no single handicapping expert that can give you a 100% guarantee that you have a winning bet. Probability is a variable, and there are many bets whose probability is fairly evident from the odds provided by most sportsbooks on the game. However, losing and winning streaks alike are just as common in tipping services as they are among individual bettors.

Lack of Entertainment

Sports betting, just like any other form of gambling, is seen as entertainment. That is why tipping services are thought to ‘kill’ the fun out of the experience. Basically, these services do all the work for you and leave you with a finished bet slip. Some bettors prefer it this way, as they get the most thrill out of the actual game, while they are waiting to see whether the final result will match their bet, but many more feel that there is nothing more to it than just waiting for a finished product once more.

Potential Expense

A major advantage of using this type of service for your sports betting purposes is the potential payout involved in the process. The potential for expense works in the same manner, but is just less desirable. As you have seen so far, no sport expert can provide a bullet-proof statement confirming the bet will be a win, which is why the potential for expense is just as present as the one for profit.

Anti-educational Effect

Another contradiction to the previous list of advantages is the anti-education effect of these tipping services. Sports bettors’ testimonials have confirmed the split in opinions in the matter, as some find the expert consultations very productive, while others believe it has completely numbed their sports betting touch.


All in all, tipping services may end up placing the bettor between the rock and the hard place just as much as they may turn them into profitable punters. Due to the double standards that cannot be eliminated in this case, all you can do is to come to an informed decision. Just make sure you are the one making the choice, since you will be the one experiencing the advantages or disadvantages of it.