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Welcome to our website NFLBetting.us!

In an attempt to convey a formal introduction to all our visitors, we have defined our website as an independent portal that informs its visitors on all things related to NFL betting practices.

Aside from the Terms and Conditions page, legal matters are further discussed in our Privacy Policy section. Their purpose is to clearly describe the rights and obligations of the portal and its visitors respectively.

Following is a list of the set terms and conditions which need to be obeyed in order to guarantee successful collaboration between the site, its potential affiliates and end clients – the readers.

Acceptance of Terms

All visitors of NFLBetting.us are considered in accordance with the general Terms and Conditions of the website, as well as its operations.

Amendment of Terms

Should the Terms and Conditions of this site alter in any way, the operator is not obligated to provide any notice – each individual reader bears sole responsibility.

Terms of Content

The website’s content is purely of informational or entertaining character and should not be considered a mandatory guidebook in any following situation.

User Rights and Obligations

  • The user is obliged to perceive the content presented on this website only for informational purposes and do not attempt to implicate any written segment during personal disagreements.
  • The user, hereby You are fully allowed to post any content which you deem useful in any manner and are the sole author of the same.
  • You are not allowed to post any content that violates any rights of other users or the website.
  • You are likely to indemnify the website and its owners for any damage afflicted to its operations due to text that you have submitted.

 Content Use

  • All content posted by the website is copyrighted and deemed classified between the site and its readers.
  • Each text is in the sole intellectual ownership of its author and should not be subject to any outside publications.
  • Other elements of the website (images, graphic designs etc.) that belong to it have the same ownership properties as the written text.
  • Every brand name, trade mark or service name that is used by the site is considered to be its Trade Mark and should not be used to identify any other entity.
  • Copyright regulative applies to the site’s Trade Marks as much as it does to the previously mentioned segments published on it.

Legal Regulative

  • The site aims to abide to any legal stipulations dictated by the state where it is located.
  • Should any international readers access it, they too are bound by the same legal regulative, but are further advised to consult any local laws which might apply.

Language of Use

Should the site offer its content in multiple language formats – the primary being English – any language discrepancies will be treated with regards to the original English version.


In case you require any further details or information of any kind, visit the Contact Us section on the website and use the appropriate method.